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The most effective method to Reveal Which Sort of Completion Is on a Wood

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On the off chance that you need to resurface a bit of wood furniture or even wood trim, the primary thing you need to do is make sense of what kind of completion is on the wood. After you make sense of this, you’ll know whether you can apply the new finish you need over top or if the wood must be stripped. The primary kinds of completing medicines are oil, paint, shellac, polyurethane, finish and varnish.

To resurface wood furniture, it’s great to comprehend what finish is right now on the wood.

Method 1

Rub a modest quantity of linseed oil, utilizing the cotton swab, into an unnoticeable spot on the furnishings or trim. On the off chance that the oil ingests into the wood, the completion is likely oil. In the event that it dots, the completion is shellac, polyurethane, veneer or varnish.

Method 2

Rub a modest quantity of CH3)2CO, utilizing a spotless cotton swab, into another less-noticeable piece of the wood. In the event that the CH3)2CO dabs, the present completion is polyurethane. If not, hang tight for two or three minutes. Contact or scratch the zone daintily with your finger. The polish will break up totally in this time, yet varnish and shellac will wind up tasteless.

Method 3

Rub a modest quantity of denatured liquor, utilizing a perfect cotton swab, into another subtle spot. Shellac will break up promptly, however varnish will respond gradually to the denatured liquor.

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